Here's an overview of our innovation.

Nanocube TM Overview 

Nanocube will change the paradigm.  Nanotube is a 3D IC enabled hardware and software solution. It uses 3D designs to create breakthrough performance. It leverages the physical and chemical properties of new materials to create extremely secure hardware, which combined with our software will provide unparalleled levels of security. Nanocube incorporates a small, low-cost microchip (with simple state machine software) to function as a secure element.

It will solve a fundamental cyber security issue: granting access only to the authorized user and authorized software. Nanocube allows access to the network only when the exact combination of the following elements are satisfied: i) an authenticated user, ii) in possession of all the correct cryptographic keys, and iii) on the right hardware device.

If any element is absent or incorrect, access will be denied. For example, if a rogue user tries to access a Nanocube–protected device (stolen or not), access will be blocked. Or if an authorized user tries to access the network without the Nanocube-protected device, the attempt will be thwarted. Nanocube therefore authenticates the user, encrypts the data on the user device, prevents unauthorized software from being downloaded onto the user device, and thereby protects the network. Thus, Nanocube will become foundational to both hardware and software security.



Specifically, our Intellectual Portfolio includes the following:


1-    Multifunction authentication with a Giant Key, blocking states, and Edit distance

Our hardware-software architecture combines all three sets of keys – the hardware PUF, user specific biometrics, and authentication keys – into one Giant Key. Our authentication method is such that when inputs are compared to this Giant Key, the hacker does not and cannot learn if the mismatch is due to an incorrect user, incorrect hardware/PUF, or incorrect cryptographic keys. Specifically two patents are pending to protect the concept:

“Content Addressable Memory (BL-CAM) with Blocking States”

“Combination of Multiple Secure Authentication Methods


2-    Usage of Resistive RAM and multi-key management

Unlike other secure elements, Nanocube will be intrinsically resistant to hacking. Our solution will be implemented in Resistive RAM (ReRAM). The physics of ReRAM enables a far superior secure element to conventional flash-based secure elements. ReRAM is resistant to side-channel attacks. We will take advantage of the properties of ReRAM to build in multiple countermeasures and security features, as described in the following pending patent:

“Resistive RAM (ReRAM) architectures for secure systems”


3-    Usage of Dynamic CAM, secure code shadowing

Extremely fast DCAM can complement Nanocube solutions to handle large secure data bases, as described in the following patent:

“Dynamic Content Addressable Memories & usage in system security”


Each of the security enhancements in Nanocube is a dramatic and exponential improvement over the state of the art. Each enhancement can be used - by itself, in a stand-alone manner – and can be implemented in conventional technologies like NAND to radically improve security. When combined into Nanocube, each additional innovation adds another layer of exponential improvement to cyber security.