The driving force behind IT and economic productivity has been Moore's law - the continual doubling of performance in IC's resulting in the faster-better-cheaper innovation cycle. However, in recent years the cost per transistor is no longer going down and has actually started to go up. 3D offers the opportunity to break open the interconnect bottleneck. 3D gives designers the ability to leverage all the advances in silicon technology and complete architectural freedom - thereby delivering a new and orthogonal paradigm for innovation.

Some revolutionary systems enabled by 3D include advanced high-performance computing modules that are  small and energy efficient. 3D also enables large-scale, mega-pixel image sensors. Finally, 3D enables unparalleled security. When put together, 3D will be the essential building block for the future from autonomous cars & drones, to virtual reality, to cloud computing. 

Sony. Target. Chase Bank. The US Government. These blue chip names and individuals are targeted and hacked by both organized criminals and state sponsored groups.  There is already a big need for security. But with technology enabling innovations such as drones, connected home, IoT and smart grid, the need for security will become paramount. Without strong security a hacked drone quickly becomes a terrorist weapon. We address the need for easy to use, robust security with a combination of hardware and software innovations. And we plan to bring up manufacturing services in the US to enable the ultimate in security. 

Our mission is to deliver high-end 3D systems with bullet-proof cybersecurity that is as easy to use as an iPhone is.
— Bob Young, CEO


Our Proprietary Innovations: Advanced Nano has developed internally, formed partnerships and acquired access to technologies for NANOCUBE® - an entire system in a cube. From world-class 3D design and stacking capabilities, to high-end security solutions, we pull together the necessary technologies needed to create a breakthrough solution.  

For example, we incorporate a new type of security solution that is based on a combination of new circuits, new algorithms and new materials that dramatically improve the security of the system and make it very difficult to reverse engineer. This ensures that the private keys are kept private and secure. Our proprietary innovations include multifactor authentication (enhanced with novel algorithms such as Edit Spacing and the use of BlockingBit), robust solutions for multi-key management and use of nanotechnology for dramatically enhanced tamper-resistance. Learn more about our innovations...

Our mission is to deliver 3D computing with the gold-standard in security for a variety of applications ranging from smart cards, credit cards, ID cards, passports, cell phones, IoT etc. We can provide customers with a wide range of solutions, from design, to security  & software, along with US - based manufacturing and personalization services.


NANOCUBE® is registered trademark of Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions Inc.